What We Do    

O’Neil & Associates is a management consulting and leadership development firm focused on change and renewal in scientific, clinical, research, academic, and policy organizations that address health care and life sciences issues. We assist health care organizations of every kind in understanding the changes that are being driven by deep shifts in market and policy drivers, develop strategies to take advantage of these movements, and enhance the skills of leaders, teams, and organizations to execute these strategies.

How We Do It   

Seeing the Value: The US health care system is in the beginning stages of a dramatic transformation. To succeed in this new world, every health care organization must develop a new understanding of this paradigm and reframe its role and its capacity to add value. O’Neil & Associates helps its clients see and understand these broad changes and develop core strategies to take full advantage of this enormous opportunity. 

Acting on Change: Strategies without effective execution litter the health care landscape. O’Neil & Associates brings a proven approach to leadership development for individuals, teams, and organizations. By integrating strategy and execution, our clients realize the value of the changing environment.