Strategy and Policy

Leadership Development

The Big Picture
For 30 years, Ed O’Neil has provided his distinctive perspective on the changing health care environment to health systems, professional practices, associations, pubic agencies, schools, and corporations. Typically these presentations form a keynote or summary presentation that examines the drivers of change, the current state of reform, and the implications and opportunities presented by these changes.

The Retreat
Most governance and executive groups need a more focused opportunity to consider the challenges of a changing environment and dig deeper than just a broad overview. Time for reflection and discussion allows those in leadership positions to more fully develop ideas of how they take value from the changes. O’Neil & Associates works with clients to design and conduct executive and board retreats to facilitate the development of strategies that move the organization toward success.

The Strategic Assessment
During dynamic times, it is essential to continually assess the relevance and effectiveness of the overall strategic direction or specific parts of the strategic plan or operation of the organization. These assessments typically consist of two to four months of data collection and analysis, followed by a facilitated discussion by a leadership group, as well as a more general presentation to the organization.

Leadership Program
The most effective way to develop leaders and teams in an organization is to design a series of short-term (usually and half or full day) sessions around a number of specific leadership competencies that are needed by the organization. Between sessions, participants practice the skills in real time environments. O'Neil & Associates works with clients to develop and offer such programs.

Specific Leadership Skill Development
Sometimes clients are interested in very focused work for their team or organization in specific development areas. O'Neil & Associates works with clients to refine these needs and develops short-term programs (ranging from half day to multiple day sessions) to meet these needs. Popular topics include: conflict management, developing others, decision making, influence without authority, self-assessment, and team development.

Individual leadership coaching is often a part of a comprehensive leadership program, but it is also available from O’Neil & Associates as a separate service. Coaching usually follows a pattern of an initial assessment, goal setting, and ongoing discussions focused on addressing leadership development in the context of current work issues.